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September 8, 2015
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SiteLock® Content Delivery Network offers a cost-effective and an extremely efficient method of enhancing your website's performance worldwide.

You're investing in driving high quality traffic to your website. And lots of it. But do you know the value (and the cost) of that traffic once it gets there? How do you prove your marketing ROI? With so many sources competing for access to your site — bots, both good and bad, hackers, and ideally customers and prospects —are the right ones getting through? And if they are, do they stick around for a visit? If your site doesn't load quickly and appear trustworthy, your marketing investment is wasted. That's why our TrueSpeed Content Delivery Network (CDN) is essential. TrueSpeed CDN helps marketers overcome these challenges by improving your visitors' experience and boosting your conversion rates and sales.

TrueSpeed CDN Boosts Site Speed and Helps SEO

Content delivery networks, or CDNs, are growing in popularity as a very effective way to speed up traffic to websites, remove bottlenecks, and ultimately make visiting a website a much better experience for the user.

SiteLock® CDN technology helps by:

Serving your site to reputable search engines
Increasing site speed to improve your position on search engine ranks
Loading pages faster to provide a better user experience
Differentiating human vs. bot traffic, so you get the most from your marketing dollars

SiteLock® CDN technology also takes your website beyond what most CDNs offer, utilizing dynamic caching to impact your site's Time to First Byte (TTFB). Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the time it takes for a visitor to receive the first byte from a web server when requesting a particular URL. TTFB is critical for SEO because it is the key speed metric used to rank sites competitvely, and most speed-based search rankings depend on just the first byte.
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Consider that most websites are built to send HTML first, and that for most modern sites, almost all HTML content is marked as "dynamic" even though it rarely changes. SiteLock® CDN intelligent dynamic caching technology constantly monitors usage patterns and changes to your website in order to continuously identify opportunities to cache content, serving it much quicker and minimizing your TTFB.

Use SiteLock® CDN to improve your site's TTFB, impacting SEO and sales by:

Allowing your visitors to reach you globally, essentially "multiplying" the availability of your website content worldwide. This helps eliminate any latency issues that can interrupt sales from around the globe.
Eliminate server bottlenecks, enabling high volumes of traffic to use your site with zero lag time.
Accelerating content delivery, a CDN enhances the website speed and quickly delivers content to your visitors.
Faster TTFB = higher Google rank