SiteLock website security is cloud-based, comprehensive website security.

SiteLock website security

Real website security means protection from the inside out as well as the outside in. SiteLock website security have the technology to do it all - daily scanning, automatic malware removal, web app firewall, a global CDN for a blazingly fast website. SiteLock dynamic Trust Seal shows visitors your website is safe, increasing conversions and ROI.

Sitelock is easy, economical and effective

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Daily Malware Scan

Network Scan

Trust Seal

Daily FTP Scan

Automatic Malware Removal

File Change Monitoring

Application Scan1-time1-time

SQL Injection Scan1-time1-time

Cross-Site Scripting Scan1-time1-time


Security Alerts

Use of Global Network to Identify Malicious Behavior

Block Bad Bot Attacks

Search Engine Access

Comment Spam Elimination

CAPTCHA Security

Block content "scraping"


Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring

Spam Verification

SSL Verification

Buisness Verification

Phone Number Verification

Postal Address Verification


NOTE: SSL-enabled websites are not compatible with the Basic Firewall & CDN that is included in every plan. However, the scans will work as expected for such sites.


Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major brands of credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) as well as bank transfer.
Why will an SSL certificate not suffice?
An SSL certificate is used only to encrypt a connection between the browser and server to safely transmit sensitive information. However, SiteLock actually protects the database where this information is stored, scans your website files and applications, protects from data breaches and spreading of viruses/malware. These functionalities are not provided by an SSL certificate.
What is SiteLock badge or TrustSeal?
SiteLock badge or TrustSeal is a image that can be displayed on your website to assure users that your website is secure and malware-free. Since SiteLock performs all scans daily, the TrustSeal is update everyday to indicate that all scans have passed.
What different types of scan are available?
Available types of scan include:
- Daily Malware Scan
- Daily FTP Scanning
- Website Application Scan
- SQL Injection Scan
- Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Scan
All these scans are part of the Deep 360-Degree Site Scan. The availability and frequency (daily or one-time) of these scans differ from Plan to Plan.
In case a site is infected, will the TrustSeal display threat notification to the visitors on site?
If a scan fails, site visitors will not be alerted to any problem. The TrustSeal will simply continue to display the last date when all scans were passed. If the site owner fails to rectify the problem, within a few days SiteLock will remove the TrustSeal from the site. The TrustSeal will never indicate that a website has failed a scan.
What if SiteLock has incorrectly highlighted legitimate code as vulnerable / malicious?
It might be happen that certain code on the website looks vulnerable but it is still doing what you intended it to do. If so, you can use the Report a False Positive option in the SiteLock Panel and SiteLock will ignore that vulnerability moving forward.
What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?
A Content Delivery Network is a set of servers, spread across the world that cache your website. When a user requests your website, the server closest to the user's location will serve those requests. This in turn serves the website faster, thus speeding up its performance.
Faster load times not only improve user experience but also contribute to better website ranking, as search engines take load time into account while ranking a website.